Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cupcake Inspiration Challenge #37

Happy Cupcake Day! Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a card created for this weeks Cupcake Inspiration Challenge from Rachel. Just checkout out these super cute cupcakes! I mean, aren't they just adorable? How could anyone go and eat these cute lil' snowmen?
I do have a few ideas stirring around in my head, but as of about 1:00 am Friday night I was dealing with a sick little 2 year old. He was up all night, my husband and I were up all night, and Saturday we were all exhausted and my little guy was still miserable.

I am happy to note that as of about 8:00 am, my son is still sleeping. :) We put him down at 7:15 last night and he fell asleep in like 2 minutes flat. I also had a wonderful night's sleep. I think I got in a good 10 hours. Ahhhhh, I feel so rested. So hopefully I can get a chance today to whip something up.

In the meantime, check out what Rachel and the other HSE Sweeties have baked up. :) Please don't forget to share your creations with all of us by linking your card to Rachel's blog using Mr. Linky and using keyword CIC37 as your keyword when uploading to any online galleries. Check out Hope Stamps Eternal to find out what items Rach has on sale and what she has new and in stock!



Elena said...

I'm so sorry that you little one is not feeling good... Hope your son will feel better soon! I know what it is to be a Mom.
Take care of yourself and your family and have some rest,

Carolina said...

Oh...big hugs Colleen! Glad to read that he's finally getting some sleep and hope you get some rest too!